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best portable Yocan vaporizers for sale!

You have found the best new portable and handheld vaporizers for sale. Firstly, we carry all the best new products for Exxus, Wulf Mods, and Sutra! Secondly, don’t sure to sign up for our email list for exclusive coupons and other great offers to enhance your vaping experience! Therefore, Cheap vape is here for all your handheld portable vape needs!

YoCan Evolve PLus

Yocan‘s Evolve 3-in-1 Kit delivers delicious flavors and big clouds in a portable and compact pen-type design. With its small build and thin diameter, this vape pen is the perfect device to use for people who leave their home often.

Also, since it fits in the palm of your hands, you can vape discreetly without catching other people’s attention. What mood are you in? Whatever atomizer you choose for the day, this unit will easily fit in your pocket or small bag. Its design and the fact that it has a rapid heat-up time lets you experience stealthy and quick vaping on-the-go.

Evolve plus XL is the embodiment of raw and robust power. Instead of utilizing the Yocan standard 1100mAh rechargeable battery that’s already twice the power of the average wax pen, the Yocan Evolve Plus XL uses an extremely powerful 1400mAh battery. The battery serves a purpose, to supply juice to the demanding quad coils.

Yocan Uni Box Mod

Yocan was proud to introduce our latest product featuring their patented design – the Yocan UNI Box Mod. The Yocan UNI Box Mod features everything you came to love with Yocan products; ease of use, affordability, functionality, and practicality, and now we bring customization and personalization to the next level. Just like Yocan UNI Pro, UNI Box Mod allows full customization of all cartridges and can adapt to any type, size, and length of any oil cartridge on the market.

Adjustable to fit your every box mod vape need!

The key is its adjustable knobs located just right beneath the lips of the cartridge chamber and also an adjustable lever to adjust the height of the cartridge level so your oil cartridges will achieve a perfect fit making for a perfectly comfortable vaping session.

Unlike other box mods or vaporizers that will create an awkward feel or a difficult and inconvenient feel and look because the cartridge simply won’t fit, the Yocan UNI Box Mod easily adjusts to the level of your cartridge allowing you to assume easy and convenient vaping sessions making it the perfect essential oil vape tool.

YoCan Evolve Plus XL Wax Vape

he Evolve Plus XL is a dab pen unit from premier vaporizer manufacturer Yocan who is known for their innovative products. The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is an all-in-one compact and portable dab pen like Yocan Regen that employs advanced technology. This top of the line Yocan vaporizer does away with screw threads and replaces it with revolutionary Magnetic Connection that allows the atomizer tube to connect to the base with convenience and ease.

It also features a unique quad coil technology which uses 4 quartz rod coil that allows for bigger clouds, amazing hits, and pure and better-tasting vapor. Other standard features include a coil cap that prevents those messy leaks, an adjustable airflow valve, and a 1400maH battery with micro-USB charging.

Yocan Regen

Yocan has been in the vaporizer industry for as long as we can remember. They sure had their fair share of dab pens for sale that became best-sellers and were a commercial success but the Yocan Regen vape for sale r is a device pegged to surpass all the dab pens they’ve manufactured. You can say that this dab pen is the culmination of all their research and hard work just by looking at how the Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer is built on paper.

The Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer uses a 1100mAh battery that allows for substantial performance with very little to no decline in performance should you run low on power. Paired with Yocan’s quartz dual coils, this battery rips through your dabs like a beast. On the other hand, using Yocan’s latest quartz tri coil, the battery shines even more. This battery has been used amongst other iconic devices from the same brand as the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer.

Yocan Torch

The Yocan Torch Enail Vape is a revamped and refreshed version of an old favorite, the Yocan Torch eNail. This updated version receives more than just a face-lift and offers the best features the brand has to offer. This portable dome-less eNail sport features both old and new to deliver a unique experience when you dab your select wax concentrates with it. The old and familiar features include the same unique shape from which the model has been known for. You’ll also find a metal tube and a glass tube which the older version also offered.

Yocan Flame

Get ready to be set ablaze! The latest and probably one of the best devices to have come out of Yocan’s catalog. The Yocan Flame is a wax concentrate vaporizer that offers some of the best features showcased from its past products which makes the Yocan Flame the culmination of Yocan’s past dab pens, wax vaporizers, and portable eRigs. These features include a powerful 1400mAh battery that gives you lasting sessions. It also boasts compatibility to Yocan’s atomizers which makes the Yocan Flame a versatile vaporizer.  This is a smaller alternative to Electric Dab Rigs for sale, and Cheap Dab rigs for sale.

Yocan Rex

Yocan Vaporizers has just launched its latest wax vaporizer, the Rex. The Yocan Rex is the first vaporizer in Yocan Vapes current offering to introduce the 1-click to start or stop feature which allows the device to be activated and deactivated using just one long click. Aside from the new power setting to debut in the Yocan Rex, this new vaporizer will also feature a newly redesigned exterior which makes for an iconic and recognizable design separating the Yocan Rex from other devices in Yocan’s lineup.

In addition, Yocan also packed the Rex Vaporizer with familiar features making this wax vape as dependable and as reliable as other devices in Yocan’s stable.

Yocan Dive Mini

The latest in wax pen technology, the Yocan Dive Mini is a befitting successor to the larger and bulkier Yocan Dive. Both devices share the same DNA and therefore both function as a nectar collector. However, what differentiates the Yocan Dive Mini from its big brother apart from its size is its dual functionality. The Yocan Dive Mini functions both as a nectar collector allowing you to dab straight right out of your wax container and as a dab pen.

Yocan Dive Mini Vape is super easy to use…

Like many of our dab pens here at Yocan, the Yocan Dive Mini is outfitted with a single power button for ease of use and three preset temperature settings for temperature flexibility. These temperature profiles allow you to enjoy various results from your select wax concentrates with effects that range from flavorful to potent. Out of the box, the Yocan Dive Mini comes with two heating elements, a touch-tip coil for when you will use the Yocan Dive Mini wax vape as a nectar collector and another for when you will use it dab pen style.

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What are the best Portable Vaporizers For Sale?

Firstly, a Portable Vaporizer for sale is a miniature, hand-held device that allows users to vape whenever, wherever. Therefore, due to its size it is often discreet making it ideal to use in a variety of situations without getting attention.

These vaporizers such as Exxus Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape come in an assortment of sizes as well as shapes and are compatible with different materials such as e-liquid, oils, dry herbs and concentrates.

Moreover, a portable vaporizer devices like the Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape are renowned for giving users a more customizable experience. Often, these vapes will employ adjustable features like wattage, temperature control, variable voltage or more. Portable vaporizers also produce improved vapor quality as well as durable construction.

Therefore, these handy vapes also feature one of two different heating systems while vape pens typically only use conduction. What does this mean? The heating system of e-cigs is less advanced, producing less smooth and pure vapor. It also means the atomizer needs to replace a lot less frequently than the traditional vaporizer.

In conclusion, enjoy a nice walk around the neighborhood or even sitting in the living room; however, you choose to spend your time, portable vaporizers are the perfect to-go companion.

buy portable vape for sale
best portable vaporizers

How Do Portable Vaporizers Work?

Portable vaporizers for sale work by either using the conductive method or convective heating. Compatible with a variety of materials (e-juice, essential oils, concentrates/wax and dry herb) portable vaporizers heats your chosen material then transforms it into vapor.

Conductive heating works by heating your materials through direct contact. Meaning these devices work by heating the surface which allows the user to place the desired amount of materials on the surface.

As a result, convection devices on the other hand heat the air around the product in the chamber. Convective units transfer the heated air to heat the materials indirectly. Often users will prefer convection devices as they are better at heating your materials without burning them.