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DaVinci Vapes for sale

New from DaVinci Vaporizer for sale is the DaVinci IQ2 and DaVinci IQC.  These state of the art, innovating hand held vaporizers are as functional as they are a piece of art.  Known for their cutting edge designs, and flavorful vapor sessions, DaVinci brings 2 strong contenders to the new years’ vape lineup.

DaVinci Portable vaporizers

Both portable and functional either the IQC or IQ2 can do the trick.   Innovative to say the least, the engineers over at DaVinci really did their work on the latest of the 2 models they released.  With each update or new model year so to speak, this brand continues to work to improve its’ vapor products.  It’s no secret as to why DaVinci Vaporizer continues to develop new and innovative ways of vaporizing your herb for complete and total enjoyment.

Davinci Vapes for sale new for this year

If you’re looking for flavorful, clean and overall great tasting vapor, look no further! Vaping with a Davinci Vaporizer for sale happens when precise heat is applied to dry herb vaporizer products in order to fully extract the plants’ terpenes and they are ingested via a clean portable dry herb Vaping machine.  Temperature is key when you consider the flavor and overall use of the unit itself.  If the temp is too hot, it will burn and taste like burned popcorn.
Too low, the unit will not enable all or full vaporization if any.  A varying temperature control is key.  When you take a draw, the unit will obviously drop in temperature, this means the thermostat and heater need to act quickly.  Once the loss of heat is compensated by additional heating by the oven, the unit should sit exactly to the degree you have it set at.

Glass Air paths on all DaVinci Vaporizers

DaVinci Vape for sale  company promises to build with only the cleanest and highest quality vaporizer components. Our Clean First™ ethos means that no metals or plastics are used in our sealed zirconia/glass vape air path, providing purity to the connoisseur.  In the end you will find that terpenes just never tasted so good.

DaVinci Vaporizer for sale – Perfect heating

Vape extraction is all about having the exact proper temperature in the vape in order to activate specific temperature based vaporization points. With a wide and full range of 32-430 F (0-221C) DaVinci’s technology touts +/- 1 (degrees F) temperature accuracy to put heating control for your DaVinci vaporizer for sale directly in your hands.