Wax Vaporizers For Sale Online

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Best Wax vaporizers for sale

Shop all the major brands of wax dab pen vapes for sale here at our vape shop online.  From all major brands like Yocan, Pulsar Vaporizers, Dr. Dabber, Exxus, Wulf mods, KandyPens Vape, and more.

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How Do Wax Vape Pens for sale work?

Wax pen vaporizers for sale work by either using the conductive method or convective heating. Compatible with a solid concentrate materials (wax or dabs) portable dab pen vaporizers heats concentrate material and transforms it into vapor.

On all wax vape pens for sale, conductive heating works by heating your materials through direct contact with the heating element. This means that your wax vape pen works in essence by simply heating the surface of the wax.  This allows the user to place the desired amount of Wax or Dabs on the surface.

Using a Wax Vaporizers for sale

Most Wax Vaporizers for sale use a button.  When you press the button and take a draw, it immediately heats the element upon button push.  This allows the Wax Vaporizer to only heat the concentrated material while you are taking a “hit” or “draw”.

Types of Wax Vaporizers for sale

There are many types of wax vaporizers for sale including dab pens, also known as portable wax dab vapes.  Other options include nectar collector vapes that enable you to poke the heating element directly into the concentrate substance and then put on a cap and start to inhale.  Yocan Makes quite a few models of pen style dab vaporizers for sale including electronic nails (e-nails for sale) pen vapes, and nectar collecting vaporizers.

Yocan Wax Vapes

Yocan makes some fabulous wax vapes for sale.  Most of them are going to be in the portable or handheld vape segment.  The Yocan brand offers both dab pens for sale as well as nectar collector styles of vapes.  Nectar collector vaporizers by YoCan include the Yocan Flame, the Yocan Torch as well as an E-nail for saleYocan Rex and others.

Pulsar wax vaporizers

Another brand of wax vapes is Pulsar vaporizers.  These guys have been in the vape game for a decade or more and have some fantastic pieces.  Adding a Pulsar Rok Dab Rig to your collection is almost a no brainer for the serious vape lover. The Rok is available in a polished rainbow steel, or black in color.  Just add your wax dab to the Rok and hit the button and you’re off.  Quick to heat, providing fantastic vapor from your electric dab rig is what the Rok is all about.  A true electric dab rig for sale, the Pulsar Rok electric rig is top notch, and super space age looking!

Kandy Pens Wax Vapes for sale

Popular for about 5 years now, the brand Kandypens Vaporizers has come a long way.  Mostly focused on the portable hand held vape market, the Kandypens vape options include mostly oil cartridge vape pens as well as smaller dab pens for sale.  The most popular vapes for wax from KandyPens include the Kandypens Crystal 2, the Kandypens Rubi, and the Kandypens Oura.