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KandyPens Rubi – One of the Best Vape Pens Going Into 2022

Kandypens Vape

Kandypens Vaporizer review

As 2021 comes to a close, the best vape pen that stands out this year is the KandyPen Rubi. It is painfully easy to use. The usability is top notch for this type of device. This vape is surprisingly durable. Since it has no temperature control there is no issue with vaping right out of the box. This pen comes with a refilling cartridge. It’s easy to remove the pod from the battery. Just take off the plug. The e-liquid gets filled on the side of the cartridge. It’s an overall easy system. It comes with a dropper which creates a simple process.

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Kandypens Vapes for sale

You are not able to charge and vape at the same time. A complete charge should take about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. To avoid dry hits you will need to pull 5 or 6 times to prime the POD. This really helped maintain the flavor.

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The flavor typically is maintained throughout the session depending on the quality of the liquid you use. The flavor really stood out during slower low resistance type of pulls. Vapor clouds were not impacted but the length of puffs. The draw activation was a nice addition to the pen.

If you are looking for a new pen we highly recommend checking out KandyPens. They are a reliable product with strong desirable flavor you can depend on every single time.

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First Impressions – Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer Review

Cheap Vaporizer’s Arizer Air 2 Review

We choose the Arizer Air 2 vaporizer to review because of the longstanding brand quality that we are all accustomed to with Arizer. The Arizer Air 2 continues to be one of the best vaporizers for enthusiasts looking for great taste while maintaining full control over their vaping sessions.

The Arizer Air 2 comes with solid upgrades over the original Air. It’s equipped with an upgraded battery with longer charge life, improved air flow and a nice temperature display and controls. The nicest improvement would be the ability to charge using a micro USB. This is a very convenient addition. You should expect around 25% more battery life compared to its predecessor.

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Features Of The Arizer Air II

The original Air came with only 5 preset temps. The newly added full temp spectrum allows you to have better control over the temperature. This along with the improved air-flow creates a perfect way to modify and have control over your sessions. Sometimes you need to adjust the temperature to obtain the desired results when dealing with different strains of dry herb. The difference compared to the Air is noticeable and a welcome change. This is a great feature that we wanted to include in our Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer Review.

This vape is lightweight, durable and easy to be discreet with since it fits into a pocket easily. The only issue to be mindful of is its glass mouthpiece but it remains very portable. Typically it takes around 2 hours or so to completely charge while giving you on average around 75+ minutes for vaping sessions. When you are not pulling the dry herb continues to be vaping while the unit is on. It says it has a hybrid system but it seems to be mostly using the conduction method to be producing vapor. The vapor is impressive for this type of vaporizer. The taste and quality is noticeable. It likely has to do with the new full temp spectrum controls which gives you much needed flexibility over the temperature and output. The trick is to not overpack the chamber. This helps avoid draw resistance and clogged up screens.


When we wrote this Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer Review we wanted to think outside the box. The Arizer Air 2 is a near perfect vaporizer that creates high quality vapor while remaining portable and discreet. The full temp spectrum gives you the control most are looking for. It’s easy to see why this is a top seller and preferred over other vapes in the same category. It’s easy to load and pretty easy to keep clean. It’s nice to see that it comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. This vaporizer is definitely well rounded and is perfect for any novices or vaping enthusiasts alike.

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What is the difference between a Portable Vaporizer and a Vape Pen?

Many people ask what is a vape pen and what is a portable vaporizer, and what are the differences between the two? Many people also think that portable vaporizers and vape pens are the same thing which causes many entry-level consumers to get confused. They have many differences but both are similar in that they both are handheld. This can be very confusing while trying to determine what is better to go with. Both are similar but vary depending on what type of experience you are looking for. One can be considered more discreet while the other tends to create better vapors and typically has more features to choose from.

What Is A Vape Pen?

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Vape Pens are designed to be discreet and more portable than a portable vaporizer. They tend to have a thick pen shape and are built to be concealed. They usually fit into any pocket and look very similar to an e-cigarette. Since they are the size of a pen it does impact the capabilities compared to a portable vaporizer. Due to the size, the majority of heating systems found in pens are not as advanced compared to portable vaporizers.

Pens tend to use the conduction method. The concentrates, cartridges, or dry herbs are heated directly on the atomizer. (Heating Element) Usually, the vapor that is created tends to be not as smooth and the vapor can have a smoky taste. The majority of pens utilize atomizers. When using dry herbs the atomizers (Heating chambers) can be spent much faster compared to portable vaporizers. There are pros and cons to this method. You can switch out the different atomizers to create different experiences, especially with wax concentrates. Typically you burn through the dry herb or wax concentrates faster than a portable vaporizer. It really comes down to preference.

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What Is A Portable Vaporizer?

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Portable vaporizers are designed to be compact and handheld but not as small as vape pens. They come in different shapes and sizes but still maintain portability. The main difference between the two is the design and portable vaporizers tend to have better performance. You will likely see two different types of heating systems either conduction or convection systems in place. Convection vapes produce very smooth and flavorful types of vapor. This is due to there being no combustion taken place while the system heats up. Conduction minimizes the amount of burning involved since hot air is blowing through the heating chamber rather than burning it directly on the heating element. Vape pens tend to not able to produce this type of vapor.

Portable vaporizers tend to be more expensive but it also comes with more technology and capabilities that give you more control over the quality and taste of your vapor. You will likely not be able to find the same thing with vape pens.

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It really boils down to preference. How do you like to vape? What taste and quality are you looking for? Vape pens are great when you want to be discreet and are working with wax concentrates. If you are looking for quality and more options considering a portable vaporizer might be the best choice. It gives you more options, especially with dry herbs. This also usually comes with better heating systems and more advanced features. It is all what you prefer and how you want to vape.

About is a family-owned and operated business that is focused on providing vaping enthusiasts with premium vaporizers. We are proud to sell the best vaporizers on the market today at an affordable price.

Buy with confidence that your vaporizer will arrive by priority shipping via UPS or FedEx in a well-packaged shipment. We ship year-round to all states in the USA. If you have any questions or concern about your purchase or shipment please email