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E-nail for sale

E-nails, or electric nail rigs are used for vaporizing concentrate rather than dry herb/flower or or as an oil vape. Using an enail basically enables you to use a battery to conduct heat instead of using a lighter, or butane torch for heat.  Traditionally, using a dab rig requires a butane torch whereas using an electric dab rig for sale does not.  There are a wide variety of these available here at Cheap Vape including Electric Dab rig for sale under $100.

E Rig for sale

E Rigs are the same as E nails, just another term.  Basically people call them “rigs” as they look like complex setups just in order to vape concentrates.  However this is not really the case, while they look fancy or elaborate, they are quite simple.  Understanding how an E rig for sale works is key to using it safely and effectively.  Like anything else, reading directions before use is highly recommended.  We say this because, well, you understand.

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