About Exxus Vape

Emergent from over 25 years of collective experience in the Vaporizer industry comes Exxus Vape, est. 2014.

Exxus Vape was established with the mission to create, develop, and distribute top of the line products for any and all vaporizing need. As an industry leader in the vaporizer community, Exxus Vape offers a variety of products that allow our users to vape dry, juice, and concentrates.

It is our goal to create and maintain high quality relationships with our clientele, while also offering excellent customer service for our consumers through our customer support team that is readily available Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm PST. Our support team is extensively trained and well knowledge on all of our products, and will be able to assist and help with any questions or concerns about our products. It is our main focus to provide the best virtual shopping experience possible each and every time you visit our website.

We are here to serve our customers’ needs as we continually develop and create new products based directly on feedback from you the consumer. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and stand behind them with our product warranty unmatched by any other.